How to Reach

Monarch Hospital has put in place efficient processes that make procedure in the hospital simple and convenient for our patients and their family members.

How to reach Monarch Hospital?

Monarch Hospital is situated right in the middle of Jule Solapur about 1km from Saiful, ½ a km from D Mart & next to Shivdare Pharmacy college.
Directions to reach Monarch Hospital:-
1. If you are travelling from Bijapur side by bus, you may get down at Nehru Nagar bus stop. From there ‘MONARCH HOSPITAL’ is just 1 KM away. You have to take a right turn on the access road to Dwarkadeesh Mandir.
2. If you are travelling from Saat Rasta side you will have to cross Kambar Talav and proceed for about 1 KM to take a left turn towards Bharti Vidyapeeth College and Dawat Hotel. From there take a right turn to reach ‘MONARCH HOSPITAL’.
3. If you are travelling from Asara Chowk turn right at D-Mart, proceed towards Dawat Hotel. From there you take a left turn to reach ‘MONARCH HOSPITAL’.
Free Ambulance service is available for picking up genuinely needy patients to reach Monarch Hospital from
a.Managoli Hospital Datta chowk
b.Bus Stand
c. Railway Station
d. The patients residence within city limits