Visitor Guide

Monarch Hospital strongly believes that the emotional support provided by family and friends can go a long way in helping the patient recover on a positive note. To encourage a quick and healthy recovery, our processes have been designed in a patient and visitor friendly way. If your loved one is admitted in Monarch Hospital, then the following guidelines can prove helpful when you come visiting:  

  • Visiting Hours: For In patients, Morning visiting hours is between 8 am - 9 am. Evening visiting hours are between 5 pm - 7 pm.

  • For Intensive Care Units: Morning visiting Hours are between 10 am - 11 am. Evening visiting hours are between 4 pm - 5 pm.

  • Visiting Guidelines: If you wish to visit your patient, please collect a visiting badge from the admission desk. Please return this badge at the desk at the end of your visit.

  • Visitors with infectious diseases like cold cough or otherwise unwell must refrain from visiting the patient.

  • In case you are visiting your patient, in the ICU, please refrain from carrying food, flowers and other items.

  • The ICU atmosphere must be maintained on an appropriate privacy and safety levels please make sure that you are not disturbing the healing space of other patients and attendants.

  • While visiting your patient in a shared room, please be mindful of the belongings and personal space of the other patients.

  • Children below the age of 12 years should not be preferably brought to the hospital, unless the child itself is the patient.

  • Schedule a visit with your patient before visiting. This allows the patient to be prepared for the visit.

  • Your visit may be interrupted by care givers for some patient care routines.

  • Ensure you sit at a comfortable distance from the patient and the attached drips or catheters. Never touch any medical wires, open wounds or equipment in the patient’s room.

  • You may use only the public toilets outside the patient’s room.

  • You are strictly prohibited from tobacco chewing, smoking or drinking within the hospital premises.